Testing and reliability

Robust gate transistors for high reliability

Exagan’s FETs employ a metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) gate structure to achieve robustness and safe operation over a wider range of gate biases than other GaN technologies. MIS technology has been the standard for silicon transistors for many decades. It makes our G-FET™ products easier to use since they are compatible with standard gate drive drivers.

Delivering best-in-class test methods

Comparing the MIS gate to other approaches
Comparing the MIS gate to other approaches

Exagan’s innovative semiconductor technology has been designed for efficiency, manufacturability and to help customers reduce risk while expediting new product introductions. Our in-depth knowledge of the interdependence between materials and device performance gives our customers a key competitive advantage in designing electrical converter systems using GaN-on-silicon solutions. Final testing of Exagan’s products ensures the highest product quality and reliability. Specific known good die (KGD) test methods, developed internally at Exagan, enable die-level measurements to confirm proper device operation before the devices are integrated in advanced power modules. We have adopted advanced static and dynamic test methodologies as well as test-to-failure, and predicted-lifetime testing. With our leading-edge simulation and predictive tools for performance and reliability, G-FET technology offers a robust platform to support customer-specific products and roadmaps.

Exagan’s supply chain is established and focused on the highest quality-assurance standards such as ISO/TS for the automotive industry. Products maintain full traceability through the entire manufacturing process.