G-FET™ devices technology

Exagan’s innovative technology has been designed for efficiency, manufacturability and customers’ risk reduction in getting products to market quickly.

G-FET employs the most advanced silicon-processing technologies for 200-mm equipment and knowledge developed during more than 30 years at CEA-Leti. The organization’s extensive physical- and electrical-characterization equipment and expertise creates a unique environment to develop and control a new technology, with physics understanding down to the nanoscale level.

Exagan’s and CEA-Leti’s teams have applied these assets along with their well-recognized expertise in silicon technology and intellectual property to design efficient GaN power devices and production-worthy processes.

Optimizing GaN for today's Silicon manufacturing environments

Drawing upon this wealth of process knowledge, Exagan power switches and G-FET technology have been designed for full compatibility with standard silicon-manufacturing environments. This allows them to benefit from the high levels of control and yield already established throughout the global semiconductor industry.

With its advanced simulation and predictive tools for performance and reliability, G-FET technology offers a robust platform to support customer-specific products and roadmaps. Key milestones from manufacturing ramp-up to initial product shipments can be scheduled with confidence because all G-FET devices are produced in mature 200-mm fabs.

Using an advanced deposition process developed specifically for compound-semiconductor manufacturing, G-FET technology provides optimal control of material delivery. In addition, Exagan’s in-depth knowledge of the interdependence between the material and device performance gives customers a key competitive advantage in applying this GaN-on-silicon solution.

Final testing of Exagan products ensures the highest product quality and reliability. Specific KGD (Known Good Die) test methods developed internally provide die level testing measurement, to confirm proper device operation, before their integration in more advanced power modules.

The Exagan supply chain is established and working toward meeting the highest quality-assurance standards, such as ISO/TS for the automotive industry.

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