G-FET™ family

Exagan offers high-performance, GaN-based, 650-volt and 1,200-volt fast-switching power devices for the next generation of electrical converters in solar, automotive and IT electronics markets.

GaN material enables fast, low-loss power switching needed for power-integration roadmaps. By complying with silicon-manufacturing standards, GaN can quickly transition from niche markets to mainstream applications.

Company’s proprietary G-Stack™ technology can create GaN layers on standard silicon wafers, clearing the path for large-scale adoption of highly reliable, high-performance GaN products.

A robust family of products to meet all system needs

The G-FET (650 V), Exagan’s first-generation product, will fit most customers’ requirements in IT electronics, automotive and solar applications. Designed in normally-on and normally-off structures, this product ranges from a few amperes to several tens of amperes. It is offered as simple die or packaged devices with a novel known-good-die (KGD) capability that greatly reduces the integration risk in power modules. The G-FET (650 V)’s unique specifications (breakdown, leakage and low current collapse) are tested on a proprietary hardware and software platform that allows full functional testing under the conditions of actual applications.

Exagan’s G-FET (1,200 V) will be the company’s second-generation product, enabling new and more efficient inverter and converter architectures while driving higher switching power at a reduced cost. High-power industrial and automotive inverters will benefit from this product’s extreme switching capabilities and low resistance. With its very competitive cost, the G-FET (1,200 V) offers a price-performance point that any other technology will find difficult to match.

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