G-FET series

A robust family of products to meet all power range needs

The 650-volt G-FET™, Exagan’s first-generation product, is designed to meet virtually all requirements in IT electronics, automotive and solar applications running on a few amperes to several tens of amperes. G-FET’s unique specifications (breakdown, leakage and low current collapse) are tested on a proprietary hardware and software platform that allows full functional testing under real-world conditions.

650 V product portfolio

Part number RDS(on)
EXA06C190LDS0 190 10 30 45 PQFN8x8
EXA06C135LDS0 135 25 75 65 PQFN8x8
EXA06C075LDS0 75 30 90 110 PQFN8x8
EXA06C050XDS0 50 40 120 145 TO247-4L

3. 25°C typical values

Product features

Cell G-FET
System designAnalog power
Driving+/- 20V analog

Benefits for power-conversion designers include:

  • Compatibility with standard silicon drivers
    • 10-volt analog signal to control the gate
    • Robust gate with a maximum rating of ± 20 V
    • No gate leakage
    • No negative voltage to force in off-state
  • Gate return pin to reduce the switching inductance loop

Product datasheets with more information are available by completing the request form.