G-DRIVE series

An intelligent and safe power-switching solution

Based upon Exagan’s very robust and cost-competitive GaN transistors, our G-DRIVE™ product enables unprecedented power-switching speeds with very high efficiency. Equipped with digital control, self-protection features and enhanced diagnostics, G-DRIVE has all of the capabilities needed to optimize power-management operations in the most advanced system topologies.

Enter a new era for power electronics and system design with G-DRIVE’s very high power integration and cost-effective BoM (bill of materials).

650 V product portfolio

Part number RDS(on)
EXA06D190MSS0 190 10 30 30 PQFN8x8
EXA06D135MSS0 135 25 75 50 PQFN8x8
EXA06D075MSS0 75 30 90 95 PQFN8x8

3. 25°C typical values

Product features

Cell G-FET
System designDigital power
Driving3.3V to 5V CMOS
DiagnosticsUVLO, OCP, TSD2
Self protectedState machine
Current sensingAdjustable, SFB2
EMISlew rate control

2. UnderVoltage LockOut, Over Current Protection, Thermal Shut Down, Sense FeedBack

Benefits for power-conversion designers include:

  • Control of the load current without complex software
    • CMOS digital control and diagnostics
    • Current loop regulation using Sense Feedback (SFB)
    • Embedded state machine for protection
  • Self-protection thanks to an embedded state machine
  • EMI optimization using slew rate adjustment

Product datasheets with more information are available by completing the request form.