June 6, 2019 - Gan Semiconductor Specialist Exagan receives ISO 9001 : 2015 Certification

The Certification applies to all Exagan’s sites in France including the headquarters and R&D based in Grenoble, the production site in Bernin, the applications center and prototype development in Labège, as well as the Taipei, Taiwan sales and applications center.

This achievement confirms that Exagan is committed to deliver the highest quality products and ready to support the most demanding customers.

Exagan’s G-FET™ and G-DRIVE™ products offer very high power-switching performance with extremely low conduction losses, enabling unprecedented power integration and efficiency levels in electrical converters for applications including IT electronics, smart homes, industrial and automotive.



About Exagan

Founded in 2014 with support from CEA-Leti and Soitec, Exagan is dedicated to accelerating the power-electronics industry’s transition from silicon-based technology to GaN-on-silicon technology, enabling smaller and more efficient electrical converters. Its GaN power switches are designed for manufacturing in standard 200-mm wafer fabs to provide high-performance, high-reliability products through a robust supply chain. Strategic partners include X-FAB Silicon Foundries , CEA-Leti and TÜV NORD GROUP.   

For more information, visit www.exagan.com.