Partnerships and ecosystem

Partner with Exagan to achieve new highs in power integration and efficiency for power-converter applications.

GaN power devices enable novel system architectures with unprecedented power-integration and performance levels. To leverage disruptive GaN technology, it is critical to control all steps of the process from the material to the system-level validation, and from the new product definition to the successful market introduction.

By working with Exagan, customers and partners gain access to unique technologies and product customization capabilities, as well as a global business and technology network, which includes leading research laboratories and industrial partners.

Exagan innovation ecosystem
Exagan innovation partners

Exagan facilities are located in the heart of the French Silicon Valley along with technology clusters focused on miniaturization and renewable energies.

With headquarters in Grenoble and application centers located in both Toulouse, France, and Taipei, Taiwan, the company is strategically situated in thriving centers of miniaturization and energy-transition activities. These regions offer a unique ecosystem with leading-edge expertise.

The close association with innovation clusters will benefit GaN market adoption as an increasing number of leading power-electronics and energy-related companies move their R&D activities near these clusters, which include amongst others:

  • Minalogic cluster for intelligent miniaturized solutions
  • Tenerrdis cluster, aiming to bolster the competitiveness of emerging energy-technology industries
  • Automotech cluster, specializing in the field of embedded electronics as well as industrialization of cost-effective, high-technology products for automobiles

Exagan’s partners also benefit from a favorable environment for developing and testing high-reliability devices tailored for the IT electronics, smart homes, automotive, industrial and aeronautics industries.