The mission: accelerate the power transition

By improving electrical efficiency, energy sustainability can be boost to reinvent the ways that the world uses energy.

The world’s energy is not infinite. There is a continuous acceleration of the use of this vital resource by employing more and more electronic devices across all domains, including communications, transportation and the energy industry itself. Clearly, the way raw materials and energy are used must be reinvented, to provide the best long-term sustainability for the planet. This can be done by applying leading-edge technology to produce extremely efficient and compact electrical converters that will reduce CO2 emissions and stem the need for carbon-belching power plant in developing countries.

Driving electrical-conversion efficiency

Exagan’s mission is to accelerate the transition of the power-electronics industry to smaller, more efficient and easier-to-use electrical converters, key components that are used in virtually all electronic devices. This can be accomplished by moving beyond silicon-based electronics to more advanced GaN-on-silicon technology. The solution lies in mastering the full GaN product flow, which requires expertise in material science, semiconductor device design, manufacturing and applications.

As a member of a strong French and European power ecosystem, Exagan is prepared to deliver integrated GaN solutions to help customers bring GaN into widespread use in the electrical converter market.

CEA Minatec

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