Exagan facilities are located in the heart of the French Silicon Valley along with technology clusters focused on miniaturization and renewable energies.

Headquartered in Grenoble, France – ranked among the world’s top five cities for innovation – Exagan is located in a thriving center of miniaturization and energy-transition activities. All its work in innovative technology and applications benefits from close association with two nearby groups:

  • The Minalogic cluster for intelligent miniaturized solutions, which pioneers a unique hybrid of micro- and nanotechnologies and software,
  • The Tenerrdis cluster, whose mission is to bolster the competitiveness of emerging energy-technology industries through innovation.

In addition, leading power-electronics and energy-related companies are locating some of their R&D activities in the vicinity of these clusters as well as engaging in R&D with CEA.

Company’s offices in Toulouse provide a favorable environment for developing and testing its high-reliability devices tailored for the automotive, industrial and aeronautics industries. Known worldwide for its role in developing the Airbus industry and the AESE Aerospace Cluster, Toulouse also is home to a strong automotive ecosystem with more than 190 companies, including 80 specialists. The Automotech Cluster involves most of these companies that specialize in the field of embedded electronics as well as industrialization of cost-effective, high-technology products for automobiles.


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