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GaN materials


Exagan’s products accelerate the transition to new generations of more efficient, highly integrated power converters.

Electrical conversion surrounds us as part of all electrical fixtures used in everyone’s daily lives.

The advent of efficient and highly integrated converters will boost the adoption of sustainable energies and promote smarter energy usage with lower electrical consumption.

Market forecast for GaN-based devices

The challenge of converter integration is to increase the system frequency while maintaining a high efficiency level. Today’s silicon-based power transistors suffer from performance drops when commutation frequencies increase (i.e., switching losses). This limits converter designers’ options for more advanced circuit architectures.

Market forecast for GaN-based devices
Market forecast for GaN-based devices (Source: Yole Développement)

Transitioning to new semiconductor materials can enable faster and improved power switching. And by using innovative designs and fewer passives components, new converters can be built with higher efficiency, smaller size and a reduced bill of materials to address new applications.

Revolutionizing energy generation and usage

Innovations in power converters will spur new market opportunities in solar, IT electronics, connectivity and automotive fields. In boosting the cost competitiveness of sustainable energy generation and usage, Exagan’s technology can help to proliferate the ability of people to generate their own power. In this way, Exagan is helping people to enter a new age of energy independence.

By accelerating converter roadmaps, Exagan’s G-FET™ and other wide-band-gap devices will displace some existing technologies, opening a potential multi-billion-dollar market opportunity for power devices.

As predicted by many analysts including Yole Développement, 25X market growth is expected by 2020 in the power-supply, automotive, photovoltaic and industrial markets.

Market forecast for GaN-based devices

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