IT Electronics

GaN-based power supply units allow chargers to be made 3-5 times smaller and achieve heat-loss reductions of up to 80%.

Most devices plugged into the electrical grid are powered through an AC/DC electrical converter, but the voltage and current delivered are used with varying degrees of efficiency.

The goal is to minimize or eliminate power leakage or loss at the input to those devices due to signal mismatches between the grid and the device.

The majority of today’s power converters use switched-mode power supplies (SMPS). Unfortunately SMPS have a high incidence of power losses with Power Factor Correction (PFC) ratings well below parity, indicating inefficient handling of incoming power.

Using grid electricity more efficiently

This can be remedied by using a GaN-based converter at the input-power level on all devices. The energy-saving potential can have a dramatic global impact because there are an estimated 1.5 billion power supply units on the market.

Consumer awareness and choosing devices that incorporate energy-efficient GaN-based converters will contribute to improving the efficiency with which grid energy is used. In addition, regulations such as the IEC 6100-3-2 standard, widely used in Europe and Japan, are important first steps in defining how to be smarter in powering our smart phones and other portable devices.

The use of mobile electronics is growing exponentially with more and more connected devices and increasing functionality requirements. By integrating converters into mobile electronics, re-charging can be done faster and the size of the device can be made smaller. These are key factors in making tomorrow’s product designs more attractive to end users.

GaN technology is integral in making new generations of IT electronics more compact, lighter weight and more energy efficient. It enables high-frequency switching with minimum commutation losses for new system designs. In addition, GaN facilitates the development of system-in-package solutions for smart switching and easy-to-integrate solutions for electrical converters.

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